Best Dark Spot Removers

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[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]What are the best dark spot removers? A question that is on the minds of many of us. Whether you are concerned about age spots, melasma or hyperpigmentation or just overall clearer skin, we have uncovered the best dark spot removers. Let’s face it, we all want to put our best face forward. Who doesn’t want clear, radiant, glowing skin? We’ll take a look at some solutions and get you on the way to the skin of your dreams.

What Causes Those Dark Spots?

Best Dark Spot Removers
Everyone has a different skin concern that they deal with. Some of you may be dealing with Melasma, from pregnancy or birth control pills and some may be dealing with those bothersome age spots. Whatever skin problem you are experiencing, there is a solution. Today, with such research and advanced technology, the experts can provide a solution to just about all our skin care needs.

The cause of dark spots, age spots, melasma or hyperpigmentation, is an overproduction of melanin, or overactive pigment cells. When an excess of melanin is produced, we end up with age spots or a blotchy uneven skin tone. UV light, both UVA and UVB ramps up the production of melanin, so it is best to always wear a high quality sunscreen.


With lighter skin, you tend to see sun spots and with darker skin you frequently see patchy or blotchy skin issues.


Ingredients Found In Effective Skin Brighteners

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices. If you do, you are destined to spend an entire day researching and still end up more confused than when you started. Most skin care experts will agree on the ingredients that are effective in lightening dark spots.

Hydroquinone – You’ll see this ingredient in a lot of the top skin brightening products.

If you were to get a prescription from your dermatologist, they would typically prescribe a product with 4% Hydroquinone, whereas, over the counter products have 2% Hydroquinone. Most people try an over the counter product first, then switch to the higher percentage if needed. There is a debate that still rages regarding Hydroquinone and its safety. Some studies showed it may cause cancer in extremely high doses for extended periods of time. Key thing to remember is lower dosage for shorter time periods. If there is concern, a product with natural ingredients might be the route you wish to take. Hydroquinone is one of the top ingredients in the best dark spot removers. It stops the melanin from over producing, so you have less discolorations and age spots.

Kojic Acid – Has skin lightening abilities and is an alternative to Hydroquinone

Kojic acid contains a protein known as tyrosinase. The tyrosinase inhibits the production of melanin. Kojic Acid works  similar to hydroquinone in the fact that they both reduce the production of melanin. An over production of melanin is the cause of sun spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Kojic acid is a by-product derived from the fermentation process of making the Japanese rice wine, Sake. Kojic acid is also used to prevent fruits from turning brown and preserves the pink and red colors found in certain seafood.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is in many of the top skin care products and is extremely beneficial to our skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant known to fight free radicals that cause skin aging and dark spots. It is also necessary for collagen production. Some studies suggest that Vitamin C repairs damaged skin when applied after being in the sun.

Licorice Root Extract
Licorice Root Extract is a natural way to lighten skin. It works similar to Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid because it inhibits the production of Melanin as well. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably use a product containing Licorice Root Extract. It is known to soothe skin.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an ingredient in many high end anti aging products. It blocks free radicals and is known for its moisturizing and healing properties. Without Vitamin E, your body cannot absorb Vitamin A.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A (Retinol) is found in many skin lightening creams and gels. Retinol is a top ingredient in many anti aging products. It gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines. You can get a prescription strength Retinol from your dermatologist called Retin-A. If you are going with a prescription strength, please use with caution as it is very drying to the skin and can cause irritation.

How Do I Choose A Quality Product?

I think we spend way too much time over-thinking things, If you see a product with the ingredients listed above, you know you are on the right track.

Next thing to consider is “What do the other consumers that bought the product think”?  If someone has taken the time to leave feedback about a product, you know that it impacted them in someway; whether it was good or bad. If you see a product with a high amount of satisfied customer reviews, that is a clue that the product is going to work. 

You want to make sure you follow the manufacturers directions for usage to get the best results. If it says to use it twice a day, you will see the best results when you follow those directions.

Why wait another day with age spots, melasma or hyperpigmentation, start using one of these great products and see how beautiful your skin can look! 



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  1. Hi Lisa,
    You are right that I do want to put my best face forward. As I become elder, I feel it is tough to maintain my dream skin. The products you suggest may provide solution to my skin problem. I particularly like the natural product you recommend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lisa

    I am starting to deal with a few age spots creeping in, so this was a good read for me. I hate calling them “age spots” so I think I may call them “manly marks”. Ha ha! Who wants to acknowledge getting older?

    When I was younger I never thought twice about my skin or how to care for it, but as the years go by, I realise that it needs my attention, so it’s great to have a blog like this with clear, useful information.

    • Craig, I know exactly how you feel, when we are young a lot of these things never enters into our minds. It is true, when you take care of your skin, you will looks years younger than your peers the same age. I sometimes look at two people who are the exact same age, and the average person would think one person was 10 years younger. Taking care of our skin can have a major impact on how our skin ages. My motto is, “you are never to young to start taking care of your skin.” Lisa

  3. Great article, Lisa.
    Very informative. I know of some of the spot reducers you mentioned. I did not know that you could have Hydroquinone as high as 4%. Thank God, it has to be doctor-prescribed. As a person who is into using natural products, I would more gravitate towards the Licorice root (I did not know this about this root) and the Kojic. So very interesting collection of ‘helpers’.
    Thanks so much, I will take a closer look at the Meladem – love the fact that it uses natural products.

  4. Dear Lisa,

    Thanks for the post “Best Dark Spot Removers” and very helpful. I do love the natural remedies and prefer the same always. The best thing is you are providing solution to the problems with the natural remedies as well.

    Your Friend,

    • Hi Paul, I agree with you, going with a natural remedy is always the first action to take and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, progress to an over the counter dark spot remover. Lisa

  5. Hi Lisa, you said it best, when you said how we tend to over-think things. I am definitely guilty of that. Because of your informative post, I would probably bypass products with the hydroquinone ingredient and opt for something a bit more natural. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Sue, Many people prefer all natural products and it is good to know we have so many other choices. However, Hydroquinone is still one of the most widely prescribed ingredient for removing age spots, sun spots and other hyperpigmentations. Lisa

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